Brass/Gold/Bronze/Copper Cabinet Knobs

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with Bauers’ brass, gold, bronze, and copper tones kitchen cabinet knobs. These knobs not only provide a functional way to open and close your cabinets, but they also add a stunning visual element to your living space.

The rich and warm tones of brass, gold, bronze, and copper create a sense of luxury and opulence, instantly transforming any room into a stylish haven. From simple round knobs to intricate floral patterns, there is something and everything for everyone. The versatility of these tones makes them suitable for any colour scheme or style, whether it be contemporary, rustic, or vintage. With their durability and versatile design options, these cabinet knobs are an excellent choice for any style of decor.

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Akamai Cabinet Knob – Rose Gold


Angus Cabinet Knob – Antique Brass


Annabelle Cabinet Knob – Antique Brass


Archer Cabinet Knob – Satin Brass


Ardell Cabinet Knob – Brushed Gold


Arkita Cabinet Knob – Antique Brass


Arlo Cabinet Knob – Cream Crackle and Antique Brass


Ashton Cabinet Knob – Gold Plated


Augustus Cabinet Knob – Matt Brass


Augustus Cabinet Knob – Polished Brass


Bianca Cabinet Knob – Brushed Copper


Bianca Cabinet Knob – Oil Rubbed Bronze